Sprawl Walker

A large single-man steam walker. Used by police forces and private corporate security.

Main Body.

Legs and Arms.

Click here for Sprawl Walker PDF Instructions!

The Foundry

These first models are simple cubes with a few add-ons to get some variation. These will be used to make the labyrinthine sector of the foundry, which scales out vertically as well as horizontally. These are older models, but should give some direction on what is in store for the Sprawl. [No instructions yet.]

3"x3" cube building block. Brick. No windows.

3"x3" cube building block. Brick. Four windows.

3"x3" cube building block. Brick. Two windows.

Clocktower. Paste this on to one side of a building block.

Skylight. This forms a simple triangle and would go on top of a building cube as a roof.

Ladder. Glue against a wall. The version with the curved top would be glued to the top of a building, while the other goes either under that one or just up against a wall.

Walkway. Shorter and longer sections with metal supports. 3 Different textured versions. The Foundry is a maze of buildings, walkways, etc. Building these around the outside of buildings and between buildings to connect them.