The Marketplace

The market is in the middle of the middle-class part of the sprawl. A large rambling collection of vendors selling services, necessities and luxury items. Booths are set up everywhere and each reflects the heritage of itís owner and the type of goods they sell.

Automated Militia

These mechanical soldiers form a large portion of the local peacekeeping militia. They patrol where humans would not even dare, especially the dangerous Foundry. These will become figure flats for wargame or RPG play.

The Foundry

Foundry, Ironworks, Steamworks - Molten steel glows in dark metal containers.† Lots of plaforms, smoky windows, etc.† What are they building?† Airships, transport, clockworks...
Sourrounding - Low class district who work in factories..

Major Companies represented in the Foundry area:

Avensteel Mechanical Collective (AMC) - Cutting-edge clockworks and automation manufacturer. Have completed many automation renovations for other Foundry companies that have improved output of the factories many times over. Very secretive company who does not share any corporate information with the public and forbids their details of their business deals to become known. (Symbol: Gear cog with an ominouse face cut out of it)

Trans-Sprawl Transportation (TST) - Primary builder of locomotives, transport carts and clockwork-horse carriages (horses co-designed and manufactured by AMC), as well as tracks for trains, etc. The Trans-Sprawl Train system was developed by the company, although it is no longer well funded. They have gotten into personal transportation with the very popular Clockwork horse carriages. Most sales to the public are negotiated by 3rd party merchants at Carriage Houses, though all manufacturing is done at the factory itself. The carriages range from small and speedy models to large, luxury sedans. Some vendors have taken to selling outrageous customized carriages with flashy paint schemes and often gaudy decorations. (Symbol: Coin with carriage)

Allied Airship Company (AAC) - Build small to medium sized airships for personal and government transportation use. At the very edge of the city next to the Air Docks. (Symbol: set of stylized wings)

Personal Firearms Limited (PFL) - Contrary to the name of the company, it has recently been manufacturing Firearms en masse to government institutions and other private companies. Rumors abound about a large secretive deal made with Avensteel, though as always those rumors are not substantiated. (Symbol: blunderbuss pistol)

Housing Depot (HD) - Metal frames and building materials for homes and buildings built in the the Sprawl. Large warehouse open to the public. A hugely successful company building on the Sprawl citizen's desire to out-renovate their neighbors. (Symbol: House frame)

Honorable Pipe Company (HPC) - A booming business supplying the demand for metal piping across the sprawl. From the interior plumbing to the huge steam vents, they create most of the pipes for the city. (Symbol: Wrench)

Other minor companies include manufacturers of stoves, appliances, fences and steamlamps. Even very small niche creators of fine musical instruments and novelty items.

Fast - Allied Airship Company - Kinda pirate/swashbucklers
Strong - Honorable Pipe Company - Asian
Well-armed - Avensteel
Sneaky - TST
Armored - HD

More information about the Foundry section:

Many of the big Foundry manufacturers allow workers to live within the factory buildings or close-by. These are usually barrack-like rooms, for free or very little rent. Workers that choose this lifestyle are inundated by the company propaganda, not only having to live it during work hours, but also during their free-time too. This produces a strange group of brainwashed men, loyal to the death for their company.

They are often tattooed with their company symbol and rove in gangs of company men. Personal grievances, small territorial disputes, and even conflicts between companies can often escalate wildly and gang wars erupt between the different companies. The company administrators rarely step in to stop the violence, unless it means a loss of many valuable workers.

Sprawl police forces, both public and private, are called to halt the gang battles, but often they stay on the perimeter, awaiting one side to obliterate the others. Citizens and non gang affiliated workers lean out of the windows cheering one side or the other, or even just a worthy attack.

Company Gangs:

Allied Airship Company (AAC) - The pilots of the airships as well as some mechanics form the AAC Gang. Using almost filament-thin rapiers, they slash through the toughest armor. They are as much about style as winning battles, and they will go to great lengths to stylishly defeat an opponent. Their swashbuckler-esque outfits and acrobatic leaps across buildings and balconies make them the most exciting gang to watch.

Honorable Pipe Company (HPC) - Led by Yamita Ozume, this elite fighting force is supreme in hand-to-hand combat. Amazing martial arts skills, coupled with deadly melee weapons (often made of brass pipe) gives these guys a definite advantage close-up. Most other gangs refuse to send men into hand-to-hand and prefer to snipe from range. Characterized by tattoos which cover most of their body, they are intimidating on the battlefield.

Trans-Sprawl Transportation (TST) - Quick and deadly sums up the TST Company Gang. The gang acts as a very coherent unit, each member always knowing exactly where they need to be. They train with formations which are called out in codewords and letter combinations on the field of battle and acted out flawlessly. They are have a good mix of ranged to melee troops.

Housing Depot (HD) - Using their amazing quick-building techniques, this gang uses a mixture of engineering and traps to defeat the enemy. They build strong bunkers in only a few minutes to protect their ranged troops. Enemies are often caught off guard by their traps which slows them down considerably due to fear of trigging their own gruesome end.

Avensteel Mechanical Collective (AMC) - A deadly army made up of clockwork warriors. They are hard to kill and do not demoralize. Their one weakness is the human controllers, whom if killed, the clockworks lose control and become unable to fight. The clockworks use strange weapons unseen in the outside world - experimental electrical guns, rapid firing chain rifles and motorized saws.

Stovemaker's Union - Not belonging to a specific company, this is a collective of many smaller Stovemaking companies. What these troops lack in training, they make up for with their well-armored approach. They can often outlast their opponents simply by hiding behind their shields and armor and slowly running the enemy down. Their rounded, thick armor makes them almost look like stoves themselves as they lumber onto the battlefield.