Paper Models for everything other than the Sprawl project. These will probably eventually move to another site, but for now will be dumped here.

Zombies for Pinnacles Savage Worlds Necropolis RPG.

Very old (2003) pictures for a goblin army. This was from my old Brabantini days.

This was a progression of images that I put together as a tutorial of sorts in one of the methods I use to create figures. I can't find the associated text that described each step.

Assorted Figure Flats

Simple Gladiator Arena. It's flat, so very easy to build. Print out as many basic wall sections as you need (wall01.jpg) and then glue the rest of the wall/column/pinnant graphics on the walls for variation. I only included a small graphic of the sand floor, but if you wanted to use it, you would need to tile it over an entire sheet of paper.